Hunt for the Wilderpeople and how publicity works

I have been thinking about publicity lately (cause I got a book coming out!). We went to see The Hunt for the Wilderpeople on the weekend.  Why did I spend my money on this movie?

I had seen Boy and What We Do in the Shadows also directed by Taika Waititi. Let’s begin there.  I spent money those movies because my relatives in New Zealand recommended them. I enjoyed them and would have watched more by Taika because I know the director’s work and I trust the experience he will give me.

That’s how I got to the see Wilderpeople.  For most other Australians who fork out money to see it I think it will be because of Marvel. Taika has been ‘chosen’ as the director of the next Thor movie and this was a significant part of the publicity narrative for the Wilderpeople’s release.

  1. the power of word of mouth
  2. knowing and trusting the director/author’s work
  3. leverage from another bigger fan base

Of course, the product has to be good. Wilderpeople is over the top and totally unbelievable and made me laugh a hell of a lot. I would watch it again, which for me is the test of an enjoyable experience and why I will be looking out for the next Thor movie even though I am not a big Marvel fan.

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