Too many books not enough time

I got a new word thanks to Stephanie from So Many Books – Tsundoku.  It seems I use it as a noun. So this is my Tsundoku.

In other words, this is my pile of books I have not read (yet?). Actually, this is one of many Tsundoku in my house. This pile of books has only just been born. It is a baby. Maybe a month old.


How did this Tsundoko happen?

Starting from the top. My mum has lent me Inga Simpson’s Where the Trees Were – I know nothing about it. I attended the launch of her first book Mr Wigg and found it a sweet read. Inga is Queensland writer.

I also went to Avid Reader to attend the launch of A Prescription for Action by Susan Currie – another Queensland writer. This book is a biography of the late Dr Janet Irwin, a ‘fearless social activist’ again from Queensland.

There is a bookstore in Ipswich called A Lot of Books  which has great books that are criminally cheap. It is a dangerous place. I bought Micheal Cunningham and Joyce Carol Oates because they were there to be bought.

My thoughtful brother gave me a gift voucher for Christmas last year and I finally remembered to use it and of course I used it on books. Stealing Snow by Danielle Paige.  I know nothing about the author. It was a pure impulse buy. It is a retelling featuring the Snow Queen. I also used my voucher for Hannah Kent’s The Good People.  I am curious about her weaving of Irish Folklore and Faeries into her new book.

I met the lovely Janice signing copies of Lingering Doubts – going inside Brisbane’s Arcade Murder at my other local bookstore. I love a true murder mystery – especially a local one (call me macabre, I can handle it). Can’t wait to get my teeth into this.

Last of all, but by no means least, Saltwater by my good friend Cathy McLennan – I read her drafts before Saltwater was published and now I will get to read the finished product.  It is about Cathy’s time working for the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Legal Service as a ‘stressed junior lawyer’. A great memoir.

So that is it. Are any of these in your Tsundoko? Have you read any of these books already? If so, I am jealous.

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