Spring/Sprinter Stories

It is only the second week of August, technically winter, but it is really spring or specifically sprinter. The temperature is in the high twenties with 30 degrees forecast for next weekend. It’s still a little cool at night and a few cooler days might still appear but it is spring enough to get into the garden and do some spring jobs.

The thing is that summer will be upon us perhaps as early as November. Summer is mostly about watering and keeping things alive. Spring is about getting things into the ground and growing ready for good rain.  Hopefully, you never know when rain will just refuse to arrive like last November.

With spring in my step, I set off for the Fernvale Markets this morning.  I bought a blueberry as a mate to the one I got last year. Apparently, they like to have a mate. Don’t we all. I also got a finger lime which will be a new experiment for me. Also, a new bromeliad because you can never have too many.


I also have basil, lettuce, chilli, sunflower, and some other flower seedlings on the go. I have some baby spinach and rocket ready to pick.

I also have a new garden to play with. An almost empty space that is currently a bit ugly. It has:

  • weeds
  • mulch
  • a passion fruit wine that came out of a bird’s bum and should not be growing over that shrub
  • a marguerite daisy I got for Mother’s Day
  • and a frangipani cutting that may or may not survive.

You can also see the remnants of the kids’ sandpit. My children are now more interested in whiskey tastings and Dungeons and Dragons so the sandpit will be repurposed in some way.



Today I bought some daisies and mock oranges and some new/old chairs (only $20!) for this new garden. At the moment the ground is still too hard to plant anything but I will keep watering this week and hopefully next week I can post some pictures of the first plantings.

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