Books have birthdays too

I feel remiss that I have not wished my book a happy first birthday this month! Of course, Cassandra received the best birthday gift in the form of a shortlisting in the Aurealis Best Fantasy Novel category but having given birth to Cassandra I should also officially say Happy Birthday. It’s been a whole year since launch day!Cassandra cover

My midwife and publisher Odysessy Books has continued to support Cassandra and I feel Cassandra has many godmothers and godfathers in the Odysessy family and it has been a pleasure to get to know all the other authors published by Odyessy. We do try to support each other and cheer each other along.  What a bonus that has been.

I have learnt that I am not a natural promoter. The first year has challenged my introverted nature. Writers write in the hope that their words will be published and enjoyed by others. If we say otherwise it is because we are scared of failing. I wish the writing was all I needed to do. I was totally unprepared for the promotional duties and would still like to hear from an old-fashioned patron to replace my platform.

What I like most is when people have read Cassandra and tell me about it! People have left me such lovely and thoughtful reviews.

Thank you to all the people who have supported Cassandra and been interested in her progress. I feel she is just learning to crawl but before I know it she will be off at school and on her own.

Meanwhile, I have to get on with producing the second child

(You can buy Cassandra at your favourite online bookstore.)

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