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Spring/Sprinter stories part 2

Windy Saturday - the Ekka winds as the locals call them. If you don't know why you are not a real Queenslander. The exceptional thing about August is my favourite smelling flowers are both blooming - my jonquils and my jasmine.   Earlier in the week, I pruned my rose for the first time ever. I… Continue reading Spring/Sprinter stories part 2

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Pocket Bookclub Unlearning

This month the Pocket Bookclub read Dark Emu Black Seeds: agriculture or accident by Bruce Pascoe. Bruce Pascoe was at the Byron Writers Festival and I heard him speak about his sense of obligation to write this book about Aboriginal agriculture because even did not initially believe the stories people told him.  It seems we… Continue reading Pocket Bookclub Unlearning

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Spring/Sprinter Stories

It is only the second week of August, technically winter, but it is really spring or specifically sprinter. The temperature is in the high twenties with 30 degrees forecast for next weekend. It's still a little cool at night and a few cooler days might still appear but it is spring enough to get into the… Continue reading Spring/Sprinter Stories

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Fossicking at Bryon Writers Festival

Why go to writers festivals? Because you love books and ideas. Now I have returned from the Bryon Writers Festival, I want to sift through the stories and make a record of the gems. There were lots of shining gems. But all I have is this mixed together mash-up. Nikki Gemmel describing the tender police… Continue reading Fossicking at Bryon Writers Festival

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Pocket Book Club gets Dreamy

Have you ever dreamt you find a 'new' room in your house? Or perhaps you are in a new house discovering new rooms. I have this dream all the time. Well, at least a couple of times a year. If Kirsten Tranter hasn't had a similar dream I will eat my hat. Early on in… Continue reading Pocket Book Club gets Dreamy

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Writing routines and celebrating baristas

Last weekend I had the pleasure of celebrating my writing achievements with my favourite barista. When I was writing Cassandra I had a slightly OCD writing routine (only 2 days a week sadly) that went like this: 7.40am drop kids in town to meet school bus Visit Denise at Cafe Kiks and get a coffee… Continue reading Writing routines and celebrating baristas

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Six Degrees of Separation: Picnic at Hanging Rock to Beatrice and Virgil

Its #6Degrees time again. This month we start with Picnic at Hanging Rock by Joan Lindsay. I have not read this book. I do not know how that has been allowed to happen. I have always intended to read it. I really want to read it. Somehow I never have. So, it being Lifeline Bookfest… Continue reading Six Degrees of Separation: Picnic at Hanging Rock to Beatrice and Virgil