Cassandra by Kathryn Gossow

Is the future set like concrete, or a piece of clay we can mould?

On a remote farm in Queensland Cassie Shultz feels useless. Her perfect brother Alex has an uncanny ability to predict the weather and the fortunes of the entire family hinge upon his forecasts. However, her own gift for prophecy remains frustratingly obscure. Attempts to help her family usually result in failure.

After meeting with her new, genius neighbor Athena, Cassie thinks she has unlocked the secret of her powers. But as her visions grow more vivid, she learns that the cost of honing her gift may be her sanity.

With her family breaking apart, the future hurtles towards Cassie faster than she can comprehend it.  Order Here or visit my Amazon page

Full disclosure I have never had my fortune told, never had my palm read, never seen a Tarot reader. There are two reasons for this. Firstly, I don’t believe in all that rubbish.  Secondly, I am way too afraid to find out what the future might hold for me.  What if it is terrible?

And yet, here I am having written a book about the prophetess Cassandra.

In Greek Mythology, Cassandra was a princess of Troy.  The God Apollo fell in love – or lust with her and promised her the gift of prophecy if she gave herself to him. She reneged and he cursed that no one would ever believe her predictions. Things do not go well for the princess prophetess.

My Cassandra lives in Queensland in the 1980’s. She’s a farmer’s daughter. She has a brother who can predict the weather. Her only friend and confidant is Athena who lives up the hill with her artist father. The gift of prophecy does not go well for my Cassandra either.

The heart of Cassandra’s is the torment of knowing the future.  What do you do about it? Can you change it? How do you warn the people you love? Can you save them? This is why I will never let anyone ever read my Tarot.

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