Kismet and optimism

I screwed this piece of paper up.  Then I unscrewed it because it was such a colourful piece of story editing, and though I didn't know it at the time, successful. From scribble and screwed up to looking lovely in print.   This story, Turning the Corner was published in Unsettling Wonder late last year.  I wrote this story … Continue reading Kismet and optimism

Hungry and lost: Terra Nullius

The Pocket Bookclub does not have many rules. It is however customary for the month's chooser of the book to bring supper. Of late these suppers have in part been inspired by the book.  Some members have been quite imaginative and set a high bar. Notably, our civil war inspired supper when discussing Lincoln in … Continue reading Hungry and lost: Terra Nullius

Fiction Fix: March

Life can be a piece of crap sometimes. Thank god we have fictional universes to divert our attention.  Sometimes it is the little things.  Here are three of my little highlights this month. One: Dolores in Westworld saying, "I imagined a world where I didn't have to be the damsel." (There are so many reasons to love … Continue reading Fiction Fix: March

What was your favourite story in January?

Books The pick of the month: Lincoln in the Bardo by George Saunders. Winner of the Man Booker and perfect journey for me. You just have to go with it. This was the Pocketbook Club read for the month. Picnic at Hanging Rock by Joan Lindsay, iconic Australian book and movie still worth the effort. I … Continue reading What was your favourite story in January?

Pocket Bookclub 2017 round-up

It is with bated breath that the Pocket Bookclub await the counting of the votes...actually we are mostly just drinking our wine and talking while we admire Wivenhoe Dam but I like a bit of drama. First an overall update: Every book read since 2010 The books read in 2017 certainly sway toward the Australian … Continue reading Pocket Bookclub 2017 round-up