Numb bum and hubris

Last week Kristen Lamb wrote a post about whether some people lack the talent to be authors. It got me thinking too, do you need talent to make it as a writer? When I first decided to take this writing lark seriously (in my mid 30's) I started out with a course at my local … Continue reading Numb bum and hubris

Succulent Love

Succulents are eminently suitable for my unreliable rainfall and heat. They are beautifully architectural and can grow so slowly they seem static. Then they throw marvellous delicate flowers. They look great in pots... ...and old, no longer able to hold tea, tea cups. They do not require drain holes. I do not know why.     … Continue reading Succulent Love

Pocket book club get curious

I have a particular prejudice against male writers who either are proclaimed, or self proclaim as genius. It is a little jealousy. Not because I am remotely close to being a genius, but because it is a tag more often given to male writers than female writers which seems unfair and a product of sexism … Continue reading Pocket book club get curious

Yoga, writing and Azorbaloff

It wasn't until the week before my book launch that I thought to tell my yoga teacher how much her classes had influenced my book - even though there is no yoga in the book. I have been doing yoga for 19 years! I am crap at meditating. My mind is highly distractible. Over the … Continue reading Yoga, writing and Azorbaloff

Publisher as midwife

My first midwife gave up on me and handed me to a doctor for an emergency Cesarean section. That doctor palmed me off onto another doctor because he had a golf date. I lay on the gurney writhing in pain feeling superfluous to the whole birthing process. My second midwife was called Senga. She explained … Continue reading Publisher as midwife

Music and politics

I got my Midnight Oil tickets! I can't tell you how excited I am. I have never seen them live. I do not know how that happened. I remember listening to a guy talking about the nature of memory (I know). He said no other music will evoke memories in the way the the music … Continue reading Music and politics

Eggplant or Aubergine?

My best summer crop has been eggplant which I must remember to call aubergine because it is a much cooler word. I remember hearing or reading an interview with Joanne Harris who said the American publisher of Chocolat wanted to replace her use of aubergine with eggplant and she refused because - well aubergine is … Continue reading Eggplant or Aubergine?