Gardening Fix

Show day or Christmas Day?

My Canadian friend calls this a "cactus de noël' because it flowers at Christmas time. Here in my southern hemisphere it flowers, like clockwork, for Ipswich Show Day in the middle of May. In fact, the first time I noticed this plant was as a potted plant competitor in the Ipswich Show. I just had to… Continue reading Show day or Christmas Day?

TV Fix

Revisiting Twin Peaks

I was there in 1990 when Laura Palmer was found wrapped in plastic. What I remember, thinking back was being perplexed. Some context is required. In 1990 we had five television channels.  There was no cable tv, and definitely no streaming services. Just five television stations and the video store down the road. There had… Continue reading Revisiting Twin Peaks

Book Fix, Pocket Book Club

Pocket Book club and salty tears

Salt Creek by Lucy Treloar made me cry three times. One time was while I was walking to work (I listened to the book). I got in the elevator, having barely wiped away my tears. My work colleague was in the lift and I did not even see him. I was still on the Coorong in… Continue reading Pocket Book club and salty tears

Writing Fix

Marvellous Melbourne and Flirting for Tram Tickets

I have been away from my nest/desk visiting Marvellous Melbourne (as coined by a London journalist in 1885 so who am I to argue). These are my stories from the metropolis. Walking along Spring St and the 6ish year-old boy behind us asks his dad, "What's that building?" His father replies, "Parliament House, that's where the… Continue reading Marvellous Melbourne and Flirting for Tram Tickets

Book Fix, Cassandra, Writing Fix

Selling Books for Introverts

When I was 19 I had a job selling cleaning products door to door. The product was called Dussall (or was it Duzzall?) because it does all. I hated it. I travelled as far west at Mt Isa and as far north as Emerald living in motels and turning up cold turkey and saying 'have… Continue reading Selling Books for Introverts

Book Fix, Pocket Book Club

Pocket Bookclub get clucky and talk polio

The Golden Age by Joan London is a novel set 1950's Perth. The Golden Age was an old pub repurposed to care for children with polio. Frank Gold, the oldest resident is the child of Hungarian refugees and the book is in part about his parents' trauma and sense of being different in the big… Continue reading Pocket Bookclub get clucky and talk polio

Myths and Fairytales

Easter and Stories of Rebirth

  Thanks to the goddess Inanna that summer is over. The final arrival of our brief Autumn must be how people in cold climates feel when Spring bursts open. I feel invigorated and, energetic.  Summer is sooo exhausting. No coincidence perhaps that it is also Easter, a celebration of rebirth and for the northern hemisphere, Spring.  … Continue reading Easter and Stories of Rebirth