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Wordless Books

This book made me cry three times and gasp with pleasure/surprise twice. It has no words. That is irrelevant to its storytelling power. The book is Shaun Tan's award-winning The Arrival. Tan's artwork is phenomenally beautiful. I am emotionally engaged with the characters within the first pages regardless of the lack of dialogue or actual words. I've… Continue reading Wordless Books

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What are your favourite books?

What are your best all time most favourite books? It's hard to choose, right? There are a lot to choose from but it is also a moving feast. If I commit to a top 10 and then find another sweet love which one to do I throw off of the list? So, as of June… Continue reading What are your favourite books?

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Could the Angel Cake be nice than Angels?

This month the Pocket Book Club did not stray far.  Sort of.  We read Angela Slatter's Vigil, set in Brisbane but in a world far weirder than our own. Vigil is urban fantasy but owes a great deal to the detective novel. Verity Fassbinder's mother was Normal but her father was Weyrd. (As in child-eating-Weyrd) You… Continue reading Could the Angel Cake be nice than Angels?

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Sleep tips for overactive minds

I take sleep very seriously. I love sleeping. I hate not sleeping. All that advice about sleeping is important - avoid caffeine, have a set bedtime, a bedtime routine, don't fall asleep in front of the TV (which really makes me feel like a zombie the next day) I invariably fall asleep with my book… Continue reading Sleep tips for overactive minds

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6 Degrees of Separation: Shop Girl to Tirra Lirra by the River

It is #6degrees time and I am here to play again. This month's starting point is Shopgirl by Steve Martin. Yes, that Steve Martin. I have learned that Steve Martin is an actor, comedian, banjo player and writer. Shop Girl is a novella published in 2000 and I have not read it. However, I have… Continue reading 6 Degrees of Separation: Shop Girl to Tirra Lirra by the River

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From Year 9 are Animals to Lady Beatle

The first play I went to was "Year 9 are Animals' when I Year 9. Clearly, this was some time ago.  The early 1980's. Some people say because I go to plays I am cultured. I say yes, just like yoghurt. I love story telling in every form - books, movies, television, around the… Continue reading From Year 9 are Animals to Lady Beatle

Film FIx

Wonder Woman: Does Sex Still Sell?   I asked the guy in the DC t-shirt if he was going to see the Wonder Woman movie when it came out. He said he wasn’t sure because...the costume designer…she’s not a sex object! I was surprised by his response. Then there is the Empire Magazine poster. The March poster was of Wonder… Continue reading Wonder Woman: Does Sex Still Sell?