Pocket Book Club

Who: The Pocket Book Club are a group of friends and neighbours who had a habit of talking about books and decided to make it official and form the Pocket Book Club. Our members range from 21 to 90 years of age.

Since: We have been reading together since 2010.

How: We meet monthly. We started out reading the book club sets from the library but after a run of similar books decided to choose our own. Everyone gets a turn to choose a book.

Where: In Sue’s bungalow except for one meeting every winter by Jane’s fire.

Why: A mission statement? I don’t know what to call it, but when we started out we said we wanted to be challenged by reading outside of our usual choices. New members sometimes feel worried about choosing their first book for us – but we will have a go at anything. We have all chosen a dud book from time to time. We might judge your book but we will not judge you for choosing it.

Food & drinks: are very important to most of us. The person who chose the book brings supper. You may theme your supper to the book but you are not obligated.

To date (2017), we have read 67 books. 5 have won the Miles Franklin, 3 have been shortlisted. 1 was a Man Booker winner, with 4 shortlisted; and 4 have won the Pulitzer.

See the list: Book club list including what is coming up next.

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