Gardening in Pajamas

I was up early this Sunday morning gardening in my pajamas. Why? Because I can. Obviously this is not pitch fork, turning over dirt gardening. It is more the type of gardening where you sip some coffee between dead heading a rose and plucking the odd weed. Speaking of weeds, I have a pretty weed. … Continue reading Gardening in Pajamas

Grandma’s poison arum lily

Today I went to the supermarket to buy milk and came home with a calla lily. I did not think twice. As soon as I saw it, I picked it up and put it in my trolley because it reminded me of my grandmother. This a photo of my grandmother in her garden, the farm … Continue reading Grandma’s poison arum lily

Pocket Bookclub talk about brunch coats and Miles Franklin winner

It says something of the age of Pocket Bookclub members that we all know what a brunch coat is and remember our mothers' wearing one. Perhaps we wore one too but we were not willing to admit it. A bit like duchess for a dresser, brunch coat has fallen out of favour. I have looked … Continue reading Pocket Bookclub talk about brunch coats and Miles Franklin winner

The REAL 1980’s

Someone asked me why I had set my book Cassandra in the 1980's. It was a no-brainer really, first of all I was a teenage in the 1980's so I figured I could pull that off. Secondly, Cassandra can predict the future. She could predict things the reader knows happened. Last of all,  Cassandra as a teenager is … Continue reading The REAL 1980’s

Publication Day

I think most writers are quiet about their ambition. It's a big ambition. Writing a book and getting published is a huge and difficult thing. Perhaps I am projecting, but for me there seemed to much chance of failure to go bragging about something I may never achieve. I have achieved 'it' though and yesterday, … Continue reading Publication Day

Cover Reveal – Cassandra

Boy or Girl? That is what people want to know when you are pregnant. When you are publishing a book people want to know - what is the cover going to be like? Being published by a small press like Odyssey Books meant I was perhaps more often consulted on potential covers than if I was … Continue reading Cover Reveal – Cassandra

Smile and/or Panic

It is almost launch time for Cassandra. On the outside I am smiling. On the inside I am panicking. People say to me that I am such a calm person. The truth is I have a calm exterior. Inside this head of mine is a hurricane of worries and anxieties. People like me, weird old … Continue reading Smile and/or Panic