Pocket Bookclub votes again

Unable to break with tradition, the Pocket Bookclub had our end-of-year do at Cormorant Bay Cafe Sadly, the cafe will be closing next month. SEQ Water will not renew the lease. I can't begin to explain what this means to our local community. But this is a post about books, not meeting places. As usual, … Continue reading Pocket Bookclub votes again

“I left the baby on the bus and now I’m going to fall into a delirious fever”

Pocket Bookclub is not enamoured with Mary Shelley's Frankenstein or the monster in the book.  This a story we retell and reimagine over and over. In fact, Frankenstein is 200 years old this year. It has captured our collective cultural imagination but the source just did not stand up for us. Let's start with who … Continue reading “I left the baby on the bus and now I’m going to fall into a delirious fever”

Two Books, One Story

There have been tears at my desk. The apparently easy migration from wordpress.com to self hosted wordpress.org has been fraught. Every step has been a drama. I don't know why. As the result,  I have two Pocket Bookclub events to write about. Tim Winton's, The Shepherd's Hut and Boy Swallows Universe by Trent Dalton. Lucky … Continue reading Two Books, One Story

Bookclub sets a dangerous precedent

A dangerous precedent has been set at a local book club with the serving of vodka and pizza.  This inappropriate supper was the result of protagonist Eleanor Oliphant's preferred Friday dinner. While the dinner did not come from Tesco, as the character Eleanor Oliphant would have insisted, it did lead to the question: What book … Continue reading Bookclub sets a dangerous precedent

Hungry and lost: Terra Nullius

The Pocket Bookclub does not have many rules. It is however customary for the month's chooser of the book to bring supper. Of late these suppers have in part been inspired by the book.  Some members have been quite imaginative and set a high bar. Notably, our civil war inspired supper when discussing Lincoln in … Continue reading Hungry and lost: Terra Nullius

Pocket Bookclub 2017 round-up

It is with bated breath that the Pocket Bookclub await the counting of the votes...actually we are mostly just drinking our wine and talking while we admire Wivenhoe Dam but I like a bit of drama. First an overall update: Every book read since 2010 The books read in 2017 certainly sway toward the Australian … Continue reading Pocket Bookclub 2017 round-up

Angela Carter and Lascivious Scissors

The Pocket Book Club embarked on the strange journey that is The Passion of New Eve by Angela Carter. The Passion of New Eve sets up a dystopian world where civil war has broken out in the United States.  Evelyn, a male English professor travels from England to take up a position in New York, but … Continue reading Angela Carter and Lascivious Scissors