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Wonder Woman: Does Sex Still Sell?   I asked the guy in the DC t-shirt if he was going to see the Wonder Woman movie when it came out. He said he wasn’t sure because...the costume designer…she’s not a sex object! I was surprised by his response. Then there is the Empire Magazine poster. The March poster was of Wonder… Continue reading Wonder Woman: Does Sex Still Sell?

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Why I am a Feminist

Do you know in what year the Queensland Government was not longer able to discriminate against married female teachers? Think about a little while, have an educated guess and I will tell you at the end of this post. The other dreaded F word. Feminism. I am a feminist because the man who did the… Continue reading Why I am a Feminist

Myths and Fairytales

Beauty shouldn’t have to tame the Beast

After reading Pride and Prejudice with the Pocket Bookclub  I realised Pride and Prejudice was the Beauty and Beast story. I am no genius! Elizabeth Hopkins sets the plot similarities out rather succinctly at the Silver Petticoat Review  or look at Kristen's visuals in her post at See you in the Porridge . Lizzie and Darcy don't like… Continue reading Beauty shouldn’t have to tame the Beast

Myths and Fairytales

Wonder Woman: Silenced by men

Does anyone remember that Wonder Woman fought for women's rights? I have done a small survey of the people around me and what they know of Wonder Woman does not include her feminist beginnings. Have the feminist ideals of Wonder Woman been silenced by men?