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Sleep tips for overactive minds

I take sleep very seriously. I love sleeping. I hate not sleeping. All that advice about sleeping is important - avoid caffeine, have a set bedtime, a bedtime routine, don't fall asleep in front of the TV (which really makes me feel like a zombie the next day) I invariably fall asleep with my book… Continue reading Sleep tips for overactive minds

Rants are encouraged

Why I am a Feminist

Do you know in what year the Queensland Government was not longer able to discriminate against married female teachers? Think about a little while, have an educated guess and I will tell you at the end of this post. The other dreaded F word. Feminism. I am a feminist because the man who did the… Continue reading Why I am a Feminist

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My obsessions are dull – I should be flying

These men have aviation fuel in their blood. The commentator did not mention any women. I am sure women can be obsessed with flying these old planes too. The Brisbane Valley Airshow is a place for obsessives. I feel my obsessions are somewhat dull in comparison. People are wearing old army uniforms, have old army jeeps, leather… Continue reading My obsessions are dull – I should be flying

Rants are encouraged

Pokemon Go blows my middle aged mind

When my 18 year old comes home and offers to walk the dog, something is amiss. That never happens. Is he on drugs? No. It is Pokemon Go. After work I stroll along the Riverwalk and usually meet an average of four people and two dogs. Today I saw fifty people, (two dogs and one baby). They have a screen… Continue reading Pokemon Go blows my middle aged mind

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A Duchess IS a piece of furniture

At a boozy dinner party a while back my friend told me a story about his girlfriend's duchess. I don't remember the story, just the joy of hearing the word duchess again. I am a child of the 1970's and I had a duchess.  For some reason I now I have a dresser. When did… Continue reading A Duchess IS a piece of furniture