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Fossicking at Bryon Writers Festival

Why go to writers festivals? Because you love books and ideas. Now I have returned from the Bryon Writers Festival, I want to sift through the stories and make a record of the gems. There were lots of shining gems. But all I have is this mixed together mash-up. Nikki Gemmel describing the tender police… Continue reading Fossicking at Bryon Writers Festival

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Writing routines and celebrating baristas

Last weekend I had the pleasure of celebrating my writing achievements with my favourite barista. When I was writing Cassandra I had a slightly OCD writing routine (only 2 days a week sadly) that went like this: 7.40am drop kids in town to meet school bus Visit Denise at Cafe Kiks and get a coffee… Continue reading Writing routines and celebrating baristas

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Marvellous Melbourne and Flirting for Tram Tickets

I have been away from my nest/desk visiting Marvellous Melbourne (as coined by a London journalist in 1885┬áso who am I to argue). These are my stories from the metropolis. Walking along Spring St and the 6ish year-old boy behind us asks his dad, "What's that building?" His father replies, "Parliament House, that's where the… Continue reading Marvellous Melbourne and Flirting for Tram Tickets

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Selling Books for Introverts

When I was 19 I had a job selling cleaning products door to door. The product was called Dussall (or was it Duzzall?) because it does all. I hated it. I travelled as far west at Mt Isa and as far north as Emerald living in motels and turning up cold turkey and saying 'have… Continue reading Selling Books for Introverts

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Numb bum and hubris

Last week Kristen Lamb wrote a post about whether some people lack the talent to be authors. It got me thinking too, do you need talent to make it as a writer? When I first decided to take this writing lark seriously (in my mid 30's) I started out with a course at my local… Continue reading Numb bum and hubris

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Yoga, writing and Azorbaloff

It wasn't until the week before my book launch that I thought to tell my yoga teacher how much her classes had influenced my book - even though there is no yoga in the book. I have been doing yoga for 19 years! I am crap at meditating. My mind is highly distractible. Over the… Continue reading Yoga, writing and Azorbaloff

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Publisher as midwife

My first midwife gave up on me and handed me to a doctor for an emergency Cesarean section. That doctor palmed me off onto another doctor because he had a golf date. I lay on the gurney writhing in pain feeling superfluous to the whole birthing process. My second midwife was called Senga. She explained… Continue reading Publisher as midwife