Winning at Writing Routines

IMG_0212I am a busy woman. I could list all the things that keep me busy but I am too busy. I will cut to the chase. How do I fit writing my next book into my busyness?

Well, sometimes I don’t. The thing is that I am only answerable to myself. In other parts of my life, there are consequences if I don’t follow through. The only person mad at me when I don’t write is me.

Here are some tips that work for me sometimes!

Leave it for tomorrow

At the moment my protagonist is in hospital. She thinks she has met the man of her dreams but the reader will know he is not what he seems. When I get out of bed tomorrow I know what comes next. She will read  Cinderella by Anne Sexton and question happily ever after.

It is hard when you are snatching moments to write. Literally, I will have half an hour to write a few hundred words before I go to work.  If I stop writing before I have used up all my inspiration I can pick up the thread more quickly and as most writers know starting is the hardest part.  Tomorrow, Cinderella and happily ever after.  Make a coffee and fingers to keys.

Set realistic goals in real numbers.

Decide how many words you are going to write. I am slow. I am busy. I choose a small number and I give myself a week to do it. Sometimes my life changes and I adjust the number.  I have a feeling of freedom when I have met my numbers and I can garden or socialise or go to the movie without guilt. We all deserve a weekend.

Don’t beat yourself up

You’ve had all day to write but instead, you have watched Game of Thrones reruns. Is that the twenty-sixth time you have seen The Red Wedding? Don’t hate yourself and eat a block of chocolate and a bag of chips. You will just hate yourself more. Actually, you might as well do that. Then go to bed. Tomorrow is another day.  We all fail sometimes. Other times we win. That’s the way it goes.

Leave the Nest

Sometimes you have to leave the nest and live life. Life is the inspiration for writing.

3 thoughts on “Winning at Writing Routines

  1. writing is a tough gig Kathryn. sounds like you’re doing really well. i aim for one new paragraph a day. doesn’t sound much, but it works for me. and i think your idea about leaving the nest is excellent. personally, i like writing in cafes. have mentioned it many times before and it doesn’t work for everyone. but a coffee and one paragraph a day are my benchmark. keep going.

      1. yes, definitely Kathryn. a coffee in a beautiful place. it relaxes you and the words are more likely to flow, or the ideas for the words that you type up back home. i like pen and paper in a cafe, but you may type straight on to laptop. good luck.

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