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A Duchess IS a piece of furniture

At a boozy dinner party a while back my friend told me a story about his girlfriend’s duchess. I don’t remember the story, just the joy of hearing the word duchess again.

I am a child of the 1970’s and I had a duchess.  For some reason I now I have a dresser. When did my language change? How did I exchange a lovely evocative word like duchess for dresser. I turn to google.  Even Google seems confused. There is no mention of duchess on Wikipedia.  Am I imagining there was ever a piece of bedroom furniture called a duchess?

I  have to turn to my old actual paper dictionary for satisfaction. My Australian Pocket Oxford (second edition 1978)- duchess: dressing table with pivoting mirror. My Australian Oxford Dictionary (new budget edition 1988) drops the furniture duchess. Ditto my Heinenmann and Macquarie from the 1990’s but to be fair they are student dictionaries.

At least I am not crazy. People did used to call a piece of bedroom furniture with a pivoting mirror, a duchess.  As I remember mine, it had doilies embroidered by my grandmother, powder from Avon, and a jewellery box with a dancing ballerina. It was a shiny veneer or laminate and it matched my wardrobe and bed head. I wish I could find a photo of what it was like but even if I google ‘furniture duchess’ I mostly get pictures of Kate.


7 thoughts on “A Duchess IS a piece of furniture

  1. I know exactly what you mean, being another child of the 1970s as I am. Must be lots of other old words like that too falling into disuse. Do people make or own doilies any more, or at least anyone under 70 years old? Flo


  2. Thank you! I had someone scoff at me today when I used this term and was promptly put in my place by being told that what I was referring to was a dressing table (even though there is no table element to my duchess, consisting of mostly drawers either side of a gimballed mirror). I, too, have doilies on my duchess. 🙂


  3. I went to the antique store recently and asked for a dressing table with a mirror. The lady at the shop, who came across as quite an expert, said “Oh, you mean a duchess!”
    I had never heard the term before, having always referred to it as a dressing table

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