Ostracised for Spoilers – The New Polite

WARNING: Random spoilers from really old things you should know already and some swearing

The new polite is to warn of forthcoming spoilers. I imagine a time, long long ago when a woman could be ostracised for forgetting to write thank you notes or perhaps for wearing last year’s dress.

Now, it is spoilers that will loose you friends. In a time when we can express our thoughts relentlessly and easily, spoilers are everywhere.  Many of us remember the controversy of the Snape kills Dumbledore all those years ago. Spoiler etiquette improved since then. Mistakes still happen. I was unfortunate enough to see Beth RIP scroll down my news feed.  The Walking Dead have not made that mistake again.

Hence as a good citizen of the internet I feel obligated to warn of the tiny teeny spoilers contained here.  I did not feel so obligated to warn about swearing which shows how much politeness has moved to different realms.

In my house you can swear, eat cake for breakfast and leave your dirty socks on the floor, but spoilers are forbidden. I have barely been forgiven me for giving away Fight Club. I thought he had already watched it! Why hadn’t he already watched it. I told him to watch it. I am so sorry. I will feel remorse forever.

Here is this week’s Game of Thrones: Battle of the Bastards. Perhaps you recognise it.converstation


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