Brands are for cows!

Now there is a book on the way (see There is a book stuck in my birth canal) apparently I am supposed to get serious about ‘brand’. Being a farmer’s daughter, I just want to say, branding is what we did to cows. We lit a little fire, put the brand in to heat up and burned it onto the cow’s buttocks.  There were other gory procedures to do with testicles and horns, but I will spare you.

That cow is stuck with that brand. At least until it is on a dinner plate.

I get it. On an intellectual level, I understand. A consistent core message. Clarity about what I am selling.

I do not have a tattoo. There are so many questions when it comes to tattoos: what, where, who, what if I change my mind? I much prefer to doodle on my skin with a pen.  I can wash it off later.

I feel empathy with those cows.

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