Yoga, writing and Azorbaloff

It wasn't until the week before my book launch that I thought to tell my yoga teacher how much her classes had influenced my book - even though there is no yoga in the book. I have been doing yoga for 19 years! I am crap at meditating. My mind is highly distractible. Over the … Continue reading Yoga, writing and Azorbaloff

Publication Day

I think most writers are quiet about their ambition. It's a big ambition. Writing a book and getting published is a huge and difficult thing. Perhaps I am projecting, but for me, there seemed to much chance of failure to go bragging about something I may never achieve. I have achieved 'it' though and yesterday, … Continue reading Publication Day

Eastern Brown (Pseudonaja textilis)

In some versions of the Cassandra of Troy's story, Apollo's snakes lick her ears clean so she can hear the future, so of course, I had to include a snake in my book! I love snakes. I know not everyone shares my feelings. I have a healthy respect for snakes, in particular, the aggressive and … Continue reading Eastern Brown (Pseudonaja textilis)

The Man Who Loved Children – Christina Stead

I first heard of Christina Stead as a result of my book club’s Patrick White journey. We listened to David Marr speak about Patrick White at the Brisbane Writer’s Festival, read Marr's biography, Patrick White: A Life and finally all read the Vivisector together. Along the way, someone read that Patrick admired Christina Stead so we … Continue reading The Man Who Loved Children – Christina Stead

I did not nail this one – reading aloud

The first time public speaking went wrong for me was in grade 6. I was doing a presentation on dairy farming. I had a lovely piece of white cardboard with drawings and glued on pictures. The problem was the word 'teat'. Somewhere in the back of my mind, I knew this word would be a … Continue reading I did not nail this one – reading aloud

The Weather Prophets

Writing a book is like collecting pebbles and muck that might look like ideas and jamming them together into a coherent narrative. It takes lots of ideas to make a complete book. The ideas can come from anywhere, anytime and be a complete surprise - and change the whole direction of the book. One of … Continue reading The Weather Prophets

Pocket book club is in love

In the 5 year history of the Pocket Book Club, I only remember two books that have been unanimously loved. Not just, we all like it, it was good, but we all love it. The first loved book was the purely eccentric The History of Rain by Niall Williams and second love fest occurred last night with … Continue reading Pocket book club is in love

I want a patron not a platform

For an introvert like me, having a platform is sometimes like being at a party - its all fun but now I'm tired and I want to go home. I fantasise about an olden daytime when writers could get a patron instead. The patron would put the creative (me) up in one of their secluded country … Continue reading I want a patron not a platform