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Writing routines and celebrating baristas

Last weekend I had the pleasure of celebrating my writing achievements with my favourite barista. When I was writing Cassandra I had a slightly OCD writing routine (only 2 days a week sadly) that went like this: 7.40am drop kids in town to meet school bus Visit Denise at Cafe Kiks and get a coffee… Continue reading Writing routines and celebrating baristas

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Pretty Baby, Ugly Baby and book reviews

Have you ever seen an ugly baby? I was never one of those clucky women who melted at the sight of a baby. But, I don't think I have ever seen an actual ugly baby. As I have been comparing the publishing and writing process to being pregnant and giving birth, the next logical analogy… Continue reading Pretty Baby, Ugly Baby and book reviews

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Yoga, writing and Azorbaloff

It wasn't until the week before my book launch that I thought to tell my yoga teacher how much her classes had influenced my book - even though there is no yoga in the book. I have been doing yoga for 19 years! I am crap at meditating. My mind is highly distractible. Over the… Continue reading Yoga, writing and Azorbaloff

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Who was Cassandra of Troy?

When people ask 'what is your book about?' - I give the short version of Cassandra of Troy who could predict the future and how my Cassandra is in Queensland (Australia) in the 1980's. In Greek Mythology, Cassandra was a princess of Troy.  The God Apollo fell in love - actually probably in lust with her.  Gods always seem to… Continue reading Who was Cassandra of Troy?

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Grandma’s poison arum lily

Today I went to the supermarket to buy milk and came home with a calla lily. I did not think twice. As soon as I saw it, I picked it up and put it in my trolley because it reminded me of my grandmother. This a photo of my grandmother in her garden, the farm… Continue reading Grandma’s poison arum lily

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The REAL 1980’s

Someone asked me why I had set my book Cassandra in the 1980's. It was a no-brainer really, first of all I was a teenage in the 1980's so I figured I could pull that off. Secondly, Cassandra can predict the future. She could predict things the reader knows happened. Last of all,  Cassandra as a teenager is… Continue reading The REAL 1980’s

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Publication Day

I think most writers are quiet about their ambition. It's a big ambition. Writing a book and getting published is a huge and difficult thing. Perhaps I am projecting, but for me there seemed to much chance of failure to go bragging about something I may never achieve. I have achieved 'it' though and yesterday,… Continue reading Publication Day