Writing routines and celebrating baristas

Coffee Shop Cafeteria Restaurant Service ConceptLast weekend I had the pleasure of celebrating my writing achievements with my favourite barista.

When I was writing Cassandra I had a slightly OCD writing routine (only 2 days a week sadly) that went like this:

  • 7.40am drop kids in town to meet school bus
  • Visit Denise at Cafe Kiks and get a coffee
  • Go home (breakfast, feed dogs, feed chooks etc)
  • Put the radio on 844 (Chillout Lounge)
  • Put the oil burner on with Gumleaf Essentials (Concentrate or Inspire)
  • By 9 am be seated  in the sunroom or front veranda (depending on if its winter or summer – I didn’t have desk at the time)
  • Write until midday.

I don’t have to do a school run anymore (the freedom!) so I don’t visit Denise as much as I would like anymore.

Denise is a chatty and sociable (I suspect an extrovert) and her cafe full of beautiful things. It is like walking into a friend’s house and having her make you a coffee.  I miss it in my everyday. I was so pleased when Denise said I could host a local launch on Saturday afternoon.

The Pocket Bookclub catered with their usual culinary prowess. I made jam drops – special jam drops that are my grandmother’s recipe. The same ones Cassandra takes to Athena’s house when she first walks up the hill to meet her.

The loveliest people came – Elise gave me flowers and everyone was kind and congratulatory. I thank them all for coming along. I didn’t do any speeches. We just ate food and drank coffee and had a nice chat.

Baristas are the fuel of many novels. Coupled with a writing routine we will conquer the world.

(You can buy Cassandra at your favourite online store)

2 thoughts on “Writing routines and celebrating baristas

  1. so good to read a little about your launch Kathryn. did you have just one launch? i think it was a few months ago that you mentioned the launch of Cassandra on WP. were you happy with Odyssey publishers?

    1. You’re right, I did have another launch at Avid Bookstore, but some it is an hour from my home and some people couldn’t make it. We decided to have a casual do.

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