A (no longer) Secret Family Recipe

When my Cassandra goes to introduce herself to Athena, she takes jam drops. That is because my jam drop recipe is one of my most precious things.

Jam Drop Recipe

I have posted before about the magic of living next door to my grandmother. We gardened together and we baked together.  My grandmother did all her baking in a wood stove that was actually quite flash. It burned 24/7 because it also produced all her hot water. Consider that on a Queensland day in summer.

The thing I remember her baking most often was jam drops. Sadly my grandmother died in when I was 11 and I thought no more about the actual recipe until the late 1990’s when my mother gave me a stack of recipe books including her handwritten recipes.

So, the recipe in the picture is my grandmother’s recipe in my mother’s handwriting. Her mother-in-law.

Did I bake those jam drops? You bet I did! You know how weird memory is, right? As soon as I smelt that biscuit mixture, as soon as I tasted it I was blasted back 20 years.

My kids loved baking these with me. They are perfect to bake with children. They can roll the dough, poke the holes, put in the jam. No wonder my grandmother picked them for us to bake together.

My kids also love the history of this recipe. They maintain they are the best jam drops ever. Forgot those giant dry old things you see in cafes. A real jam drop is small and delicate and buttery.

This recipe is a gift from grandmother, to my mother and then to me and now to my children and to you!

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