The best film of 2017?

There is nothing worse than wanting to go to movies and there is nothing on you want to see. That is not the case at this time of year.  I’ve tried to see all the best film Oscar nominations before the Oscars. Cause pretty much, they all come to Australia in the month before the event.

I only have until the end of the week to go and have resigned myself to having seen as many as I can.  So what’s my call? What is my favourite?

I have two.

The Shape of Water: The plot is sweet, looks beautiful and this is the so-called genre film that has made the grade. If it was a book it would be crossover literary.  I knew as soon as I saw the poster that I had to see it.

Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri: The intensity of emotion and the shades of grey characters in this movie appealed to me. I have to complain about two of the women characters who are both dumb and ditzy. As though writing one angry ‘strong’ female character was all the writers could bear. I have never met a single woman as ditzy and stupid as those two women.

I will be happy if either of these two wins the best film of 2017.

Then there is Lady Bird – which I was keen to see and I enjoyed immensely but is it startling and different enough to stand out as the best film of the year? It reminds me of Boyhood which was of course pipped by Birdman which I loved ever so much.

Get Out:  I was surprised to see it on the best film list. It was an okay movie but I didn’t think it was awesome. It is my son’s pick of the bunch though.

Dunkirk: This came to Australia early in the year. I missed it in the cinema but the rest of my family WHO WENT WITHOUT ME came and raved about it. I caught up with it on Foxtel. It has a good chance. It is war movie that does not glorify war which is the best sort of war movie. And that soundtrack! I will be okay with Dunkirk winning.

The Post: Meryl Streep is great, the story is interesting but did it blow my mind like the best film winner should? Not really.

I have not seen the Phantom Thread, Call me by Your Name, or Darkest Hour. Do you think one them is better than these?  Is there a movie you think is missing from the list? What is your pick?

3 thoughts on “The best film of 2017?

  1. I have seen The Shape of Water; Three Billboards outside Ebbing, Missouri; Lady Bird; Dunkirk; The Post; and Darkest Hour. I’d really like to see Phantom Thread. My pick really is Three Billboards, though I won’t be surprised if The Shape of Water wins. I absolutely loved Lady Bird (and I was really sorry that The Florida Project wasn’t in the list.) I liked The Post and The Darkest Hour but don’t think they were “different” enough to warrant winning.

  2. Those two are the favourites I think. I just watched the trailer for The Florida Project – it looks really good. On my list now. That is how I felt about The Post too. The winner should take the artform to another level..I know I will watch Lady Bird over again. It is one of those charming movies that suck me back!

    1. Yes, that’s exactly it – I’d like the winner to take the art form to another level. We can enjoy a bunch of movies but the winner needs to have that extra little something.

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