What was your favourite story in January?


The pick of the month:

Lincoln in the Bardo by George Saunders. Winner of the Man Booker and perfect journey for me. You just have to go with it. This was the Pocketbook Club read for the month.

Picnic at Hanging Rock by Joan Lindsay, iconic Australian book and movie still worth the effort. I did a whole review so I could contribute to Australian Women Writers Challenge. 

Bombproof by Micheal Robotham. This was a random read for me. Someone accidentally left this book at my house and my to-read pile is missing because I am painting my bedroom.

My mum loves Robotham. He knows his genre. This has everything you would expect. A slightly damaged ex-cop detective who calls in favours and works just outside of the law, nice guy protagonist who keeps digging himself a deeper hole, a sweet but sexy love interest, and a damsel in distress.

It is a quick read. I kept reading to find out how the protagonist would get out of the enormous scrape he was in and because I knew he would. That is the promise of the genre. If you read crime thrillers you will know about Robotham. If you don’t and you want a change it is worth a quick dip.


Pick of the month: The Shape of WaterThe_Shape_of_Water_(film)

I wanted to watch this movie based on the poster. An effective piece of marketing that knew what it was selling, how to sell it, and who to sell it to. Then, on top of the lovely poster, it is a Guillermo del Toro film

This movie is a little bit The Iron Giant, a pinch of The Little Mermaid, some Beauty and the Beast, and Amelie (which I also rewatch this month).  You Must See.

Heath Fix

It is 10 years since Heath Ledger died. I see his cheeky grin and I weep, it was too soon. Fox showed a bunch of his films on one weekend. I have watched

I am Health Ledger (5/5 Heath Fix)

10 Things I Hate about You (5/5 Heath Fix)

A Knights Tale (4/5 Heath Fix)

Two Hands (5/5 Heath Fix)

Monster’s Ball (3/5 Heath Fix) He’s not in it long enough to be satisfying but his time on screen is powerful. Also, Billy Bob Thorton is a fast painter.

I’m Not There (3/5 Heath Fix) Again, not enough Heath, but as a consolation, there is Cate Blanchette. I will never look at Bob Dylan again without seeing Cate.


The Pick of the Month: The End of the F***ing World

He thinks he is a psychopath and wonders who he should murder. She approaches him out of the blue and asks him out. He thinks she could be interesting to kill. A dark comedy – my fav sort of comedy.  Swoon, these characters are gorgeous and flawed and I love them both. This is new and fresh and British which makes for extra glee. You Must See. It’s on Netflix.

What was your favourite story in January?

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