Alternate Endings

One of the coolest things EVER was when I saw 28 Days Later in the cinema. Back when I was in boarding school, our headmistress, the legendary Mrs Peggy Given took us to see Gandhi. This was a big deal. We never got taken to the actual cinema. Anyhow, like a typical bunch of teenagers, we all stood up when the movie finished, and Peggy, who taught us all the proper way to leave your knife and fork at the end of a meal, made us all sit-down. She said if people had gone to the effort of making a film we should respectfully sit and watch their names scroll through the credits.

Some school lessons stick. I always stay until the end. 28 Days Later provided a payoff.

I love this movie. It scared me. My heart raced from beginning to end. Remember, it was released in 2002 before zombies were the latest big thing. Not that the creatures were actually zombies. They acted like zombies, but they were infected with a rage virus. I love this movie because it scared me but because it is a story about love and finding love.

Meanwhile, when we went to the film back in 2002, we watched all the credits. The screen went black. We stood up and walked down the stairs. Alone, the only two people in the cinema. Then, on the screen.. what if…

If I was not in love with the movie – which is in my top 10 – I was even more in love now.

People who attended my book launch know there is also an alternative ending to my novel Cassandra. I have had several people ask me how it ends differently. So I have hidden it here. You have to look hard. I don’t want spoilers. Spoilers are punishable by death.

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