Pretty Baby, Ugly Baby and book reviews

cassandra-coverHave you ever seen an ugly baby? I was never one of those clucky women who melted at the sight of a baby. But, I don’t think I have ever seen an actual ugly baby.

As I have been comparing the publishing and writing process to being pregnant and giving birth, the next logical analogy is that the book is now my baby. Of course, it is. It is my beautiful and imperfect baby. But no-one ever says to a new mother – your baby is ugly! I don’t think there is such a thing as an ugly baby – but not all books are pretty. I fear that people will say – I read your bookwhat a pretty baby – when they are thinking, I don’t think much of that baby at all. They are being polite because they know me.

The best thing my friend Sue said to me was – thank you for writing a good book so now I don’t have to lie when I say I like it.

Other people have said nice things too. Like, I finished Cassandra last night. It slowly sucked me in & when I was about 1/2 through I just had to finish !!  A great read. I could smell the dust, feel the wind & smell the rain. 

And… just finished reading Cassandra…loved, loved it… Are you going to write a sequel…please reading for a while..enjoyed the story ..the characters everything…I can’t wait for your next book.

(yes I am related to one of the people quoted above)

What has been unexpected about the nice things people have said about Cassandra is how it invigorates me to write more, but also the responsibility I feel to make sure my next book (Taking Baby for a Walk, hopefully! fingers crossed) which I am currently editing, is as good as it can be.

I also have four pretty baby reviews on Goodreads. One day I will get an ugly baby review. I will have to suck it up. For now, I would just love some more reviews (ugly or pretty). If you have read Cassandra you can add a review to Amazon or Goodreads. I will be happy even if you think Cassandra is less than pretty.

(You can buy Cassandra at your favourite online store!)

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