Publication Day

I think most writers are quiet about their ambition. It’s a big ambition. Writing a book and getting published is a huge and difficult thing. Perhaps I am projecting, but for me, there seemed to much chance of failure to go bragging about something I may never achieve.

I have achieved ‘it’ though and yesterday, the 6th of February was my publication day with Cassandra finally available to buy.

I didn’t go around telling people what I was doing but I did daydream about it. Of course, daydreams are never as mundane as reality. Here is what really happened. I stopped in at the Coffee Club in Ipswich to order a late lunch before I returned to my public servant desk. I had just come back from a trip up the range to Toowoomba for a meeting and while I was waiting for my food I filled in the travel log book. Then I glanced at my phone. There was a notification from Facebook from Odyssey Books. Congratulations it’s Publication Day. I had no one to high five so I smiled like a silly person and it is possible the Coffee Club staff thought I was a bit deranged.

When you are writing a book, Publication Day is ahead as though it is the end of a journey but I have come to realise it is the beginning of a new part of the journey. In this part of the journey, I can no longer be quiet about my ambitions. I have to shout about it. In my own quiet way. So here she is. You can buy my book!


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