Cover Reveal – Cassandra

Boy or Girl? That is what people want to know when you are pregnant. When you are publishing a book people want to know – what is the cover going to be like?

Being published by a small press like Odyssey Books meant I was perhaps more often consulted on potential covers than if I was published by a ‘big house’. We played around with a number of ideas. Odyssey takes great pride in their covers and many of them are designed by Rachel Roberts whose work can be seen at her website Pencil Pusher which is a great name for an artist’s site, right? It makes me think of someone intent on addicting people to art supplies.

I read somewhere that American readers prefer a photo of a person on their book covers and Australian readers do not. I can’t say where, so maybe it is not true. Book covers are the start of the story though. They are the first word before we even open them and turn to the first page. Here is the first word for Cassandra.


9 thoughts on “Cover Reveal – Cassandra

  1. wow! the cover looks amazing Kathryn. congrats. by the way, what is the address of the launch? i couldn’t see it on one of your previous posts. i live in Sydney. i think you live far away, although 24 Feb is the beginning of my birthday weekend celebrations. that’s the launch date isn’t it? fingers crossed all goes well for you. don’t forget to share the pics on WordPress.

      1. that’s so kind of you Kathryn. much appreciated. yes, i thought you were far away. i’m having a birthday weekend away with my family that weekend to Raffertys Resort at Cam’s Wharf. we book a few cabins for all of us and it’s become a yearly family holiday (just two nights, but better than no nights). i look forward to hearing how your launch goes. who is the MC or launcher of your book?

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