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From Year 9 are Animals to Lady Beatle

The first play I went to was "Year 9 are Animals' when I Year 9. Clearly, this was some time ago.  The early 1980's. Some people say because I go to plays I am cultured. I say yes, just like yoghurt. I love story telling in every form - books, movies, television, around the… Continue reading From Year 9 are Animals to Lady Beatle

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Cover Reveal – Cassandra

Boy or Girl? That is what people want to know when you are pregnant. When you are publishing a book people want to know - what is the cover going to be like? Being published by a small press like Odyssey Books meant I was perhaps more often consulted on potential covers than if I was… Continue reading Cover Reveal – Cassandra

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My Happy Place

My macabre son asked me yesterday if I could choose to die somewhere and haunt that place forever, where would I choose?  I said GOMA - Brisbane's Gallery of Modern Art. People would come and change the artwork every few months and I would be in my happy place. With some extra thought I amended… Continue reading My Happy Place