My Happy Place

In Bed by Ron Mueck

My macabre son asked me yesterday if I could choose to die somewhere and haunt that place forever, where would I choose?  I said GOMA – Brisbane’s Gallery of Modern Art. People would come and change the artwork every few months and I would be in my happy place.

With some extra thought, I amended my answer and said the entire cultural precinct on the south bank of the river. That way, I also have the State Library where I can read and haunt the librarians. Perhaps nudge some shy bookworm lovers toward each other. I would also have access the Queensland Art Gallery and when I float over the road I can go see a musical or the ballet.

Really, what else could a dead person want but a dead time of performance, books and art?

GOMA is celebrating their 10th birthday at the moment. They are showing some of the works they have acquired over the last 10 years. My absolute favourite – there is no contest is Ron Mueck’s mammoth sculpture, In Bed.  I could stare into her eyes all day. Is he anxious? Thoughtful? Watching someone else? Watching me? The veins on her hands, the mottling of her skin, the creases of her elbows are familiar and extraordinary.

Ron Mueck - Woman in Bed (13)

Photo taken by Kratzy used via creative commons license.

The Queensland Art Gallery is doing renovations at the moment. I have been live-haunting this gallery for some decades and visiting my favourites as though they are old friends. Because of the renovations, many of my old friends are on one wall which feels like a gift.


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