Dream Dinner Party

It was my birthday yesterday. For a few years, my birthday fell in the release week for The Hunger Games movies and that is how we celebrated. This year we went to see Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them which I did enjoy and there will be a few more November release dates to come so that is that sorted for a while.

Meanwhile, it got me thinking about my dream dinner party guest list because I think JK Rowling would have to be on there. I admire that she has created this new universe with such detail and longevity. I believe she has creative integrity and I hope the rest of her output is as entertaining.

Who else? I considered Emma Watson (Harry Potter being at the forefront of my mind) on the strength of her women’s rights work with the UN.  I am sure she has met JK which would be nice. Let’s ask Germaine Greer too. That could be interesting.

Next, I thought of Yann Martel. Having just heard him speak as part of the Brisbane Writer’s Festival I think I could listen to him philosophize and talk about his books for days.

Also on the list is David Bowie because he needs to realise he should have married me. I know, a bit weird but sometimes the dreams you have when are 13 are hard to shake.

On the music theme, I think we will throw Nick Cave into the mix because I have a dark heart to match his dark lyrics.

Peter Garrett used to be on my list because I wanted to find out how he came to join the Labor Party and how was that. He conventionally wrote an autobiography so my curiosity is sated now, but he can come if he wants to.  He might want to meet David. He’s probably met Nick already.

Also,  I think I will ask Margaret Atwood because who wouldn’t want to meet her.

I know people think about their dream dinner parties all the time. Maybe you have a suggestion for me. This could get big.

Oh, how about Quentin Tarantino. Maybe not, I have a feeling no one else would get a word in. Instead I I choose Catherine Martin because I want to say more people should know who she is and also I choose Jennifer Kent so I can thank her for my Babadook book.

Actually entertaining freaks me out.  None of these people should hold their breath.

Nick can write about love too.


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