I am one in 37 million

I got my Babadook book yesterday. It has been a long wait. The kickstarter campaign started in May 2014. There were people in my house who were skeptical. They thought Mister Babadook would never knock on the door.


It was worth the wait. It is simply beautiful. The quality of the paper and the magnificence of the artwork make me so joyful.

With only 2000 coimg_1640pies in the world, I am one in 37 million (assuming my maths is right). It is like having a rare disease without the sick and dying part.

I have copy 477 of 2000.

The Babadook Movie came and went so quickly from cinema screens in Australia. In fact, it only opened on 13 screens! Meanwhile, Rotten Tomatoes rated it by aggregate score the 3rd best film of the year and it won Best First Film in the New York Film Critics Circle Awards and lots of other things. It had to share the AACTA best film award with The Water Diviner (yawn). It is embarrassing that we did not embrace this film in Australian cinemas.

I did see The Babadook in the cinema. Someone opened the door behind us and I nearly died of fright. I am not scared of monsters. I am not scared of things that are not real. It might be giving to much away, but this is a psychological horror. It is not Mister Babadook who scares me. (Don’t tell him that)

The book is full of functional and beautiful cutouts.


Apparently, someone put their Babadook book on eBay for $7000. Apart from not wanting to anger the Babadook, I would not part with mine. It might be the only thing my children want to inherit from me.


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