Easy Orchids

I used to think orchids were difficult and fiddly. I knew nothing! There were some here when we arrived and they are set and forget plants.

This one sits in an old stump by the garage. I forget it is there until every August (Sprinter) it does this:


I don’t know what it is called. Can someone tell me?

Later in September, this one:


who lives in a tea tree pops out. It is actually too high up for me to photograph properly. It might be called tiger orchid.

At the same time, and in the same tree, is this orchid we call Miriama’s orchid because she choose it at an orchid show when she was a child. I think it is a Queensland orchid. We attached it to the tree and here it flourishes.


I have another orchid in a pot that flowers late every November for my birthday. It is the only orchid I give any care to (a bit of liquid fertiliser from time to time). It was a birthday gift from my friends Gillian and Micheal. This year it has a lovely long spear. I will post a photo when it is out in its glorious purple.

2 thoughts on “Easy Orchids

  1. My orchid has been flowering for years. It’s the only plant I havn’t killed and that’s because it require little maintenance. I love that you grafted one to a tree.

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