Where all the Books Go

I may have a Tsundoko problem but I do have a system. The pile in my post sits beside my bed it is specifically for newly purchased books.

In the bookshelf beside my bed are the in limbo books. They are not newly purchased – but they have not been read yet. Really true Tsundoko. Will I ever get to these? I hope so.

When a book has been read, it is sent to the shed. This is not as bad as it sounds. There are proper shelves in there.

All I need is someone to come and sort them alphabetically so I can find what I need/want when I need/want.

I would say I would give up my eldest child for someone to come and sort it alphabetically except she is the person most likely to do so.

The first thing I do when I visit someone’s house for the first time  (after the pleasantries) is looking at what is on their bookshelf. Who else does that?


2 thoughts on “Where all the Books Go

  1. In the last couple of years I’ve gotten rid of about three quarters of my books. I didn’t have enough book shelves and they were lining the floors. Seeing your books is the first time I’ve felt regret. A wall of books is welcoming and homey!

  2. My books were packed in boxes for about 10 years as my house was too small for substantial bookshelf. This is my garage! When I finally got to unpack the books I thought I would cull them. But I could not do it! I think I got rid of 6 books. I do give away books to people I think will like them. At least we know our books have a life after they leave us.

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