Not a drop of rain!

I have decided after a month of sprummer it is already summer. The worst sort of start. A week of hot dry winds, the horizon smudged with the smoke of bush fires. The trees in my garden have dropped leaves and look bare and parched. My lettuce is shrinking instead of growing.


I took this photo of the grass this morning, then I came back inside and heard the weather forecast storms.  This is good news. A summer which is a cycle of humidity and storms is preferable.

In the middle of the afternoon, I drove through hail and raindrops the size of lakes.

Come evening I arrive home – to dust. Not a drop of rain. That is how it goes with storms. They are selective and mean.

The sky darkened and the wind picked up and I thought perhaps this is our rain. No, that one passed by too. I can only bury my sorrows watching the Great Australian Bake Off.

But wait, I am not kidding. It has just right now started to rain.

Perhaps my grass will be green again tomorrow. It can happen that quickly.

Go on, really rain. I dare you.

Wait on, I think it has stopped already.

Bloody flirt.

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