It Sprummer – but don’t put your blankets away.

So according to Dr Entwisle’s review of seasons in Australia, t is Sprummer – a changeable cross between spring and summer and a time when there is a second burst of flowers.

My banksiae rose did exactly that. Finished flowering at the end of August and then flowered again in October.


Through September both the mango and avocado were in beautiful flowering mode.

Now I have babies. I hope they live.

I was reading about that other weird hemisphere where winter is approaching and the hassle of ‘overwintering’ and realised, as I moved my ferns and mint, that I do not have to overwinter – but I do ‘oversummer’ to protect plants for the heat. My nasturtium has not liked the couple of hot days we have had. It looked like this only a month ago. I have moved them to the shade but maybe they are in death throes.


The rule is never put your doona/blankets away no matter how hot it gets in October because there will always be one cool change before November sets in.

6 thoughts on “It Sprummer – but don’t put your blankets away.

  1. Oh you made me laugh! I think you are in the weird hemisphere! 😉 Truly though, even in my own hemisphere, I live in a very cold part of the country so those who live in warmer parts (like my parents and sister) think I’m weird. They just don’t understand why I think a meter of snow and -23C is invigorating 😀

    1. I love cold weather and find it invigorating too. I have to go on a holiday to get a fix of it, I am so pleased I don’t have to worry about frost let along snow in my garden though. Just a lack of rain and scorching heat.

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