Amy Poehler and Boston Beans

The Pocket Book has said No Thank You to Amy Poehler’s memoir Yes Please.

Marianne chose this book which her daughter loves. Sue’s daughter loves it too. Clearly, there is a lot of love for Amy but when we had to choose a food to compare her book to (had to because why not?) – Sue very quickly came up with Boston Beans – bland and from Boston. I am sorry if you like Boston Beans and I have offended you.

I suspect Amy’s agent told her to write a book because it would make money. Amy spends the prologue and first chapters of her book writing about how hard it is to write a book. This is how the book goes:

Prologue – writing a book is hard

Chapter  1 – writing a book is hard


I had a happy childhood and this one time my friend and I handcuffed ourselves together and lost the key.

My obstetrician died the day before my baby was born.

I got divorced but I don’t want to talk about it.

I went to Chicago and learned how to do improv.  Improv is really cool (at this point I am thinking I might learn something about the nature of improv). Then (I kid you not) she says if you want to know more about improv you should read this text book.

I got my big break on Saturday Night Live. I met lots of famous people.

I have been nominated for awards. We did pranks on award nights. One time I won an award.


Clearly, some people find her book hilarious. It is possible I have no sense of humour. There is some joy in her conversational style of writing but I think unless you are a fan you will wonder why she bothered to write a book when clearly it was so hard. Oh, that’s right, money.

What we ate: Lovely generous cheese and etc platter

Next up for the Pocket Book Club – All The Light We Cannot See by Anthony Doerr

Here is a recipe for Boston Beans by Maggie Beer Let me know if they are actually bland or are we wrong.

Boston baked beans

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