Pocket Bookclub votes again

Unable to break with tradition, the Pocket Bookclub had our end-of-year do at Cormorant Bay Cafe Sadly, the cafe will be closing next month. SEQ Water will not renew the lease. I can't begin to explain what this means to our local community. But this is a post about books, not meeting places. As usual, … Continue reading Pocket Bookclub votes again

Spring/Sprinter stories part 2

Windy Saturday - the Ekka winds as the locals call them. If you don't know why you are not a real Queenslander. The exceptional¬†thing about August is my favourite smelling flowers are both blooming - my jonquils and my jasmine.   Earlier in the week, I pruned my rose for the first time ever. I … Continue reading Spring/Sprinter stories part 2

Blog posts – 5 things I have learnt so far

Blogging helps me to strengthen my writing muscles. The instant publishing and need to consider an audience is helping me to be both flexible and controlled. Like a gymnast! I also learn a lot from reading blogs and trying to emulate what I see. 1.Have a Hook When you communicate on Facebook you are¬†appealing to … Continue reading Blog posts – 5 things I have learnt so far