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Could the Angel Cake be nice than Angels?

This month the Pocket Book Club did not stray far.  Sort of.  We read Angela Slatter's Vigil, set in Brisbane but in a world far weirder than our own. Vigil is urban fantasy but owes a great deal to the detective novel. Verity Fassbinder's mother was Normal but her father was Weyrd. (As in child-eating-Weyrd) You… Continue reading Could the Angel Cake be nice than Angels?

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Book Review: A Perfect Square

  Two women on either side of the world live almost parallel lives. Both artists with a preference for seclusion, Harriet in the Dandenong Ranges paints abstract scenes of Wessex and Judith in Dartmoor paints and yearns for the Australian landscapes she has never seen. Both have daughters, returned home. Both are not sure what to do with their difficult… Continue reading Book Review: A Perfect Square