Spring/Sprinter stories part 2

IMG_7927.JPGWindy Saturday – the Ekka winds as the locals call them. If you don’t know why you are not a real Queenslander. The exceptional thing about August is my favourite smelling flowers are both blooming – my jonquils and my jasmine.


Earlier in the week, I pruned my rose for the first time ever. I never wanted a rose but the daughter insisted and give I her pretty much whatever she wants. We went to the Fernvale Markets and smelt every rose and chose the most fragrant. We ended up with the Charles de Gaulle – a lovely mauve colour. I have never really pruned it other than taking off the dead bits. I watched some YouTube and gave it try. I am not sure if I have it right – so don’t judge me!


I have decided to let my plum tree live.  Growing stone fruit is hard work.  Apart from the pruning, there are the birds and most devastating, the fruit fly. I can put all the effort in and not get a single piece of fruit.  But I have seen that my favourite online gardening store Green Harvest has tree sized exclusion nets so I have ordered one and maybe I will eat one of my plums.


I won’t be eating peaches though. This poor baby met the chain saw not long after this photo was taken. See what the bloody birds.  It is not even close to mature.

I am happy my Nasturtiums have come back.

I have a new seed raising system this spring. After the War on Waste show (which I did not watch), people started turning up at my coffee shop with reusable cups. I get great joy from the ever changing art work on the disposable cups. Not willing to give them up I am repurposing them to raise my seedlings.

Last of all, as promised, progress on the new garden with daisies planted and my new $10 chairs!



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