My obsessions are dull – I should be flying

These men have aviation fuel in their blood. The commentator did not mention any women. I am sure women can be obsessed with flying these old planes too. The Brisbane Valley Airshow is a place for obsessives. I feel my obsessions are somewhat dull in comparison.

People are wearing old army uniforms, have old army jeeps, leather-bound classic cars, and of course, the stars of the show. The aeroplanes.


Some engines purr, some of them rumble and some whistle through the perfect blue sky. They flash past, they ramble past like stout old man and some of them loop and spin like kites.


This annual event is held at Watt’s Bridge Memorial Airfield  near Toogoolawah, west of Brisbane.  During WWII the American’s piled money into the airstrip and site.  After the war, it reverted to being a cow paddock until the 1980’s when a group of people reclaimed the runway. Nowadays it is dedicated to sport and recreational aviation.

It was a beautiful winter’s (or Sprinter’s day). Look out for this one and put it on your schedule for next year. You might find a new obsession.


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