Send me a filing fairy in 2018

Its the last day of the 2017 and my house is in chaos. We have decided to rip up the bedroom carpet, sand back the floors, paint and refresh in preparation for a new bed. Meanwhile, the entire contents of the bedroom are spread throughout the rest of the house and in the garage.  It feels like the right way to usher in 2018.

My proudest moment of 2017: launching my debut novel Cassandra.

My best gardening feat: My first ever bumper crop of plums thanks to a tree net. Anyone want some plums? Pop around.

The most fun new thing of 2017: blogging.  Seriously. I have been getting such a kick of this.  My joy can be measured statistically too.


What do I hope for 2018? I am a little suspicious of sharing my wishes. It feels like when you blow out birthday candles and make a wish. It should be a secret or it won’t come true. However, I will share some things.

Writing wishes: All going well my collection of short stories The Dark Poet will be released in 2018. This includes a story about Cassandra in case you are wondering what happened to her. I am also working on a book about a magic librarian.

Filing wishes: Just that I don’t think this is how filing cabinets are supposed to be used.


Gardening wishes: I want to FINISH all the gardening projects. Yeah right. Ok, one small thing. I want another tree net and some peaches to match the plums – instead of this…


Happy New Year! I hope you get the right amount of chaos, enough peace and plenty of completed projects and no nasty surprises.

2 thoughts on “Send me a filing fairy in 2018

  1. Happy New Year, Kathryn!
    I tried to send you a filing fairy, but comments don’t allow images, so here’s an invisible filing fairy!

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