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A book launch is a kind of like the christening or the naming ceremony. Everyone oohs and aahs over the baby in her best lace dress. No one has met the baby yet, they don’t know if she is going to be a fast read or a naughty read but the miracle of life is such that people want to see her glossy and new, dribbling with new baby smells.

I figured out the purpose of a book launch is to celebrate. I know, I probably should have known that already but sometimes you have to experience something to understand it.

I approached the launch day somewhat nervous because you know, the whole talking in front of people thing.  I asked my wonderful writing friend Flo Bridger to ‘launch me’ and within a day she had sent me a list of questions about me and Cassandra. I wrote notes about what I wanted to say and I practised and by four o’clock – just two hours to go before launch commencement – (with a one hour drive to get there) I was still not feeling right. I meditated on it and realised there were not enough questions.  I am not a verbose talker. I am not going to give mile long answers to questions and I was trying to remember all the mile-long things I wanted to say with each question.  So, I rewrote them. Turned three questions into seven questions and then I was comfortable. I didn’t really think about it again.

What I so so loved about my launch was the people who came. People I went to primary school with, people I went to high school with, my neighbours and friends (old and new), the Pocket Bookclub, of course, my family, work colleagues, writers I had met, my wonderful editor Gail, Odyssey book author Ben Allmon. People dragged along other people and we had a good crowd filling the little deck at Avid Bookstore.

I don’t like being the centre of attention. But I had to be and I got on with it and told my stories and even made people laugh. I signed books and overall I think it went well.  It felt like a celebration! Cassandra is officially in the world. May she have a great life.

(Cassandra is available at your favourite online bookstore)

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