It’s Better in the Bahamas

Drabble is a short work of fiction – 100 words or less.  Good drabble does not always follow the traditional beginning, middle and end of story telling.  A good bit of drabble might just leave the reader with a feeling of poignancy, or a gasping glimpse into a place or a person.  Much like poetry, word choice is paramount.  It takes great skill to successfully communicate in the confines of such brevity.

Today’s story comes from The Drabble which publishes original drabble – daily it looks like so you can get a regular fix if you become addicted.  Got to say I love The Drabbles byline – Shortness of Breadth

I choose to share with you It’s Better in the Bahamas from their most recent offerings. Stay there and have an explore, follow them on for a regular bit of drabble.

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