Robots replacing humans

Somewhere in the media recently, on TV I think, I saw a story about computers writing news articles. Apparently when given and article written by a computer and an article written by a human being, the human beings cannot tell the difference. The examples given, as I recall, were sport reports, and no I could not have picked they were written by a computer.

But a computer does not feel lust, passion, joy, grief.  Could a computer write Lolita? I don’t think so. I hope not.

Then there are robots playing music.

But a robot can’t really have the soul or sole required to “make” real music.

Or perhaps they can… meet  UNCO-895i. Legendary jazz trumpeter in a sole searching flash fiction from freeze frame fiction

For you reading pleasure And Now, Playing Us Out, The Sweet Sounds Of Legendary Jazz Trumpeter UNCO-895i, by Paul A. Hamilton.

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