What’s wrong with Stranger Things


Stranger_Things_logoStranger Things was last year’s word of mouth Netflix hit. I finally watched it the week before Christmas while simultaneously making marmalade.

I enjoyed it. It was fresh, retro and good fun.

The second season was much the same. Not in a good way.

Monster arrives, kills people, the boys make a new friend who is a girl and crush on her, they disobey the adults to fight the monster. 11 saves the day.

How about:

Girl is torn between liking two boys, teams up with the dorky one to save his brother. Both boys proved themselves as heroic.


Mother acts a bit crazy because her son is in trouble and teams up with her ex-boyfriend and cop to try and save him but it is the kid’s friends who have the key to his safety.

All of these descriptions apply to both seasons one and two.

There has been limited plot movement or character change. What is different? More people know 11 is alive. There are some new characters, notably number 8. The research centre is publically closed. Everyone is pretty much the same except the monster is bigger.

I am not saying I did not enjoy it. I watched the whole thing in a couple of nights and it certainly has the cliffhangers that keep you bingeing. I might get bored if there is a season three too much like one and two.

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