Pocket Book Club is not happy

King of the Road by Nigel Bartlett. Gillian apologised profusely for choosing this book.

Jane said Why read about pedophiles. Dirty … (and then she swore a hell of a lot)

But, I said, Lolitia, Lolitia – one of my favourite books. Lolita is much more disturbing but also wonderful.

Sue, being into lists, had a list of inconsistencies. He threw the phone away, but then
he had the phone? I can’t remember.

I read this book in four days (I am usually a slow reader) so it has plot that keeps you going. It is like a bag of lollies that someone brings into your house.  You don’t want them. But you eat them anyway.  All in one sitting. Then you feel sick and never want lollies again.

If you are really into crime thrillers, you might like King of the Road. It was not for us.

What we ate: Gillian’s delicious samosas and Caramel Nut Cake (because there was a birthday with a zero in it)IMG_1500

Next month: Euphoria by Lily King.

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