Summer Sucks

img_2545I don’t like summer. This seems a controversial statement – like saying  I don’t like parties. Perhaps I will tell you about my feelings on parties another time.

I particularly don’t like the type of summer we are having this year. Hot and dry. At least if we get a summer storm most nights, I can be compensated for the scorching heat with luscious green.

5 things I hate about (a dry) summer

  1. It is too hot to do any gardening. I don’t want to do anything. I neglect and all my sprinter and sprummer work seems to go to waste
  2. My chooks stop laying but I still have to walk across the paddock in the hot sun to feed them. Seems unfair.
  3. I have to brace myself to go outside – hanging out the washing is a chore. On the upside, it is dry in about 3 minutes.
  4. Many trees are less of leaf, or droopy making my heart feel desolate
  5. My lettuce is bitter.

Meanwhile, I can like summer swimming at night, ceiling fans and Christmas cheer. If I try I can find things to like about summer.

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