Strawberry Guava Jelly


Our Strawberry Guava has never done anything much. Last year I actually fertilised it and we gave it a good trim because it was blocking our winter light. Perhaps both, or one of these things has produced a crop of about 302 423 pieces of fruit.

The fruit is not really palatable to eat so I thought perhaps I’d try some jelly.

Step 1: Picking – We picked 2 kilograms which hardly made a dent in the 302 423 pieces of fruit on the tree.


Step 2: Leave the fruit overnight because you are going to the movies (Moana) and loose about half a kilo to soggy rot.

Step 3: Rinse and cut ends of fruit.


Step 4: For every kilo of guava add half a kilo of cut up apples (I used Granny Smith). Cover with water and boil until soft and mushy.

Step 5: Strain it real good. Give the ugly mush to chickens.


Step 6: Add about 3/4 cup of sugar for every cup of liquid. At this point, I had 1.5 litres of liquid and added 5 cups of sugar.

Step 7: Boil. I got this recipe here. Caitlyn says the setting point is 105 degrees Celsius. I have always used the cold saucer in the freezer method. (Put a saucer in the freezer. When you think ‘it is time’ put a spoonful on the saucer and put it back in the freezer for a minute. If the jam/jelly forms a skin when you push it with your finger ‘it is time’). I used my thermometer and got my set at a little less than 105 but it was interesting that once I got over 100 the boil looked different – more dispersed and small bubbles. I think I learned something.

Step 7: Allow to cool a little and put in sterilised jars. All this effort and I only got THREE jars. So pick more fruit next time.

Step 8: Eat warm jam on home baked sour dough. My day is complete.


Step 9: The next day admire the lovely colour and the soft almost apricot flavour.


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