Contemplating New Beginnings

I get quite contemplative at New Years. I find myself considering the failures and joys of the previous year and planning and enthusing about the potential of the following year which seems full of fresh possibilities and new beginnings.

New Years has come to symbolise parties,  fireworks and perhaps hangovers. But January, the month in which we celebrate the new year, is named after the Roman god Janus. He is the God of New Beginnings and the Guardians of Doors and Entrances.

He also has two heads and looks simultaneously to the past and the future. Much like many of us do at this time of year.

Tony Grist [CC0], via Wikimedia Commons
I treat the week leading up the first of January and the first week of January with great care. In the last week of December, I try to tie up loose ends. One of the traditions of New Years is to pay off all your debts (I wish!).

In the first week of January, I pay attention to my daily routine because I believe in starting as I mean to continue. Of course, in the way of resolutions, the year’s open door slowly closes and I get busy and distracted.

Next New Year it is my aim to bring the Scottish tradition of first-foot to my home. The first person to enter the house after midnight is the bringer of fortune for the year. The person is supposed to be a tall dark man but this may have been because of an aversion to Viking invasion. The first person can be a resident of the house as long as they left the house before the midnight strike. They bring gifts that represent the fortunes for the year: sustenance, warmth and good cheer. A lump of coal is traditional but I am thinking in our warm Queensland summer of a cool change. Perhaps some ice! Some lovely food, Christmas Cake maybe and for good cheer, I think whiskey seems appropriate though some nice bubbling Brut could go down well.

According to my post this time last year, I was wishing for a filing fairy. They did not arrive so I did my filing myself. Tick

December/January last year my bedroom was in renovation chaos. It is finished. Tick. I still take pleasure in it. Every day.

I was also wishing for a tree net for my peaches. Tick. I have peaches.

The Dark Poet, my collection of short stories did not make it into print but it will be here in May 2019. Delayed but a tick.

The most wondrous thing in 2018 was my trip to Vietnam and Cambodia. One of my final tasks of the year was to put the photos together into an album.

The other joyous addition in 2018 has been the Morning After Craft Club following our Pocket Bookclub night.

I also celebrated an important birthday that ends in zero. My family organised a party at a lovely venue and put my life into an album of photos.

I have many hopes for 2019 but as I sat down on the last day of the year to plan for the year ahead the first note I wrote was “I need to prioritise.” I am prone to expecting too much of myself and exhausting myself with unachievable lists of things to do. It is my most unbreakable habit.

So, I think what I hope and wish for is balance and to remember to feel the breezes, hear the birds and appreciate the wonderful people in my life.

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